Imagine a place for your child, where they connect with each other, the adults around them, the community and nature.  

A loving place where they come to be themselves, to find their identity which makes them unique, so they feel loved and worthy as individuals.  

An inspiring space for early childhood education, Kids’ Domain is a world where your child can explore and discover, be and become, learning lifelong skills so they prosper and grow into the best they can be! 

The tuakana-teina relationship is an integral part of Te Ao Māori (Māori world) and it provides a model for peer learning.  It refers to the relationship between an older (tuakana) or more expert person, and a younger (teina) or less expert person.  These roles can be reversed at any time depending on the circumstances. 

Our learning spaces promote tuakana-teina relationships by having mixed aged spaces, infant/toddler rooms (3 months to 3 years), and the preschool rooms (3 years to 5 years). 

child looking at web on a tree
Children as young as 6 months are capable of teaching 4 year olds about the value of respect, care and empathy.